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Weimaraner Puppy Training

Weimaraner Puppy Training/2021

He is Your Friend, Your Partner, Your Defender. You Owe It To Weimaraner To Provide The Training Worthy Of His Devotion.

Weimaraner Training Guide

Dear fellow Weimaraner owner,

“Weimaraner Puppy Training”. Dogs of this breed are one of the most elegant, active, and intelligent breeds one can ever own. They are a wonderful companion that provides many years of joy to both you and your family.It is imperative that you learn how to utilise your Weimaraner’s energy and intelligence positively to maintain a healthy bond with him. Weimaraner Puppy Training is essential and a must.

The most efficient way to ensure that your Weimaraner reaches its full intelligence is to provide plenty of attention and training specific to the Weimaraner breed.

This holds true not only for puppies but even for an adult dog that has never been raised in a manner appropriate to his breed. It is extremely rewarding to own a healthy, happy, well-behaved Weimaraner. Your dog will respect you, protect you and your family and provide companionship like no other dog.

A well-trained Weimaraner will make a truly wonderful companion.

It is unfortunate that most Weimaraners never have the opportunity to receive the kind of training that would bring out their full potential. Almost all Weimaraner owners never get to experience the intelligence their Weimarener is capable of because they only look at him in terms of his physical characteristics… and thus don’t fully enjoy their relationship with their Weim. Weimaraner puppy Training ensures that the puppy grows up and fit into any home in case of unforeseen situations

Basically, the Weimaraner puppy training material that’s currently available to weimaraner owners is lacking in specificity to the Weimaraner breed. Today, the vast majority of Weimaraner Dog training material on the market is based on universal techniques for training any and all dog breeds.

I strongly suggest you do not use materials that claim to train any and all dog breeds if you’re truly searching for the right method for your Weimaraner. 


The Weimaraner dog breed is distinctive as it differs from other dog breeds in the sense that every dog breed reacts and responds differently to stimuli. The same set of physical characteristics sets each breed apart and all these things describe what makes a Weimaraner a Weimaraner.

Neither an Akita nor a Doberman Pinscher can be expected to respond in the same way as a Weimaraner. Try training a 4lb. Yorkie to do tricks you’d use on a 4lb. Weimaraner? Perhaps not the best idea unless you’re the person trying to sell the service.The Weimaraner is a breed specific dog; for this reason, it’s imperative to train your Weimaraner using methods specific to the breed.

How do I know so much about Weimaraners you ask?

We’ll, my deeply rooted education of weimaraners began while growing up on a farm in the desert Southwest where my parents bred and trained D&S; Weimaraners, Shepherds and Labrador puppies. I vividly recall learning early on, the importance of teaching training techniques specific to each of these breeds. Outside of the essential Weimaraner puppy training commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “retrieve”, “heal”, “down” etc…. our dogs were professionally trained herders, hunters, and protectors at a very early age. It’s an amazing thing to see a Weimaraner and a German Shepherd working together as a team while happily herding cattle…or to watch a Weimaraner and a Lab work together in an effort to find a hidden decoy. Simply put, These dogs were super inteligent…and you could tell they were very happy knowing how smart they were.

Weimaraner owners are not looking for cattle herders, or even hunters for that matter. They simply want well-behaved intelligence companions.You can learn more about weimaraner training by reading “Zone Training Your Weimaraner”.This is where “For Obedience And Companionship” comes into play.


What is Zone Training?

The Zone Training method is an unparalleled training method designed for a particular breed of dog such as your Weimaraner. There is currently no other program available that can bring out the ultimate level of intelligence and happiness in your weimaraner.

And What Will Zone Training Do For Me And My Weimar?

With Zone Training, you and your Weimaraner can form a bond that most other Weimaraner owners never experience. It is important to remember that, by ensuring your Weimaraner receives the proper training, he will learn what is expected of him as part of your family and will develop the confidence he needs to interact effectively using his intellect.

With Zone Training You Will Also:

 Learn To Easily Housebreak Your Weimaraner
 Train Using Your Weimar’s Natural Prey Drive
 Train Using Your Weimar’s Natural Pack Drive
 Train Using Your Weimar’s Natural Defense Drive
 Learn The Importance Of A Proper Training Foundation
 Learn The Weimaraner Basics Of Sit, Down, Recall, Heel, Wait, Watch
 Learn To Stop Bad Behavior Naturally Before It Even Starts
 Learn To Stop Weimaraner Aggression
 Learn To Stop Your Weimaraner From Jumping, Digging, Biting
 Learn How To Take The Edge off Your Hyperactive Weimaraner
 Professional Weimaraner Training Gear

Now let me tell you what Zone Training is NOT:

Zone Training techniques won’t turn your Weimaraner into a machine… not that it won’t be a dog with character. I hate any cruel training methods that attempt to break your dog’s spirit.or ones that rely on intimidation tactics to get your Weimaraner dog to behave as you want. These types of manipulation leave the grounds for a resentful relationship.

It is important to remember that Zone Training is developed in an effort to create a happy, healthy and intelligent Weimaraner.

Think of going to the coffee shop without leashing your weimaraner, feeling completely comfortable…Your Weimaraner will remain at that position until you return, even while other dogs and people walk right past.

Perhaps you can allow him to go for a run for a while, only to have him happily return when you call out to him.

Training Your Weimaraner in Zone Training makes it easy for you to teach your Weimaraner these amazing skills, without paying a professional weimaraner trainer thousands of dollars, or using cruel and intimidating techniques.

My statement that a Weimaraner needs professional training costs thousands of dollars is because the top trainer at our facility charges a $3,500 flat rate to train a Weimaraner using the same methods and techniques that I teach in my book.

The reason you will be your dog’s trainer instead of a total stranger…this will create a bond you can only have with your Weimaraner. He will respect you and praise you for the education you will provide.

Quite literally, the valuable information contained in my book is worth $3,500. Clients pay this amount to have the Weimaraner learn these techniques… and I sometimes even repeat it… the owner is always much more effective when doing the teaching… and all it takes is having the right tools.

So how much does training material like this cost?

For a very short period of time, I’ve decided to provide an introductory price of $29.95 to all new customers of “Zone Training Your Weimaraner”. Customers are being asked to provide feedback regarding these outstanding training techniques during this time. I will give you a 10% discount on your purchase if your feedback is used as a testimonial, and if I use your web site as a link you get a direct link there as well.

My price of “Zone Training Your Weimaraner” will shoot up to $47.95 depending on the feedback I receive from customers.

Your 100% Money Back Guarantee


In Addition To This Introductory Offer I Would Like To Extend My Personal 100% Money Back Guarantee To You: If after attempting to train your Weimaraner using the exact techniques within “Zone Training Your Weimaraner” You are not satisfied with the results…I’ll Gladly refund your entire purchase price. That’s how confident I am that you’ll be more than satisfied with how well Zone Training will work for you and your Weimar.

This means you can try “Zone Training Your Weimaraner” without
any risk.

Also, since “Zone Training Your Weimaraner” arrives immediately on your computer as an E-Book, You’ll begin learning all these breed specific Weimaraner training techniques within seconds from now.

Take advantage of this introductory offer now and save $18 off the future price.

Don’t miss out on the rewarding experience of having a Zone Trained Weimaraner.


Richard Romero


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