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Weimaraner puppies for sale

We have 2 types of weimaraner puppies for sale available right now, and you can can check on our available puppy page to see the various puppies available for your home.Most often people wish to get weimaraners but for some reason they turn not to be sure of what color, if it is blue weimaraner or silver grey weimaraners they are looking forward to adopt. In this article we have decided to give a little inside on weimaraners that will help you make your decision faster. Below are some few questions about the Weimaraner breed we will be answering.

- Can i have a miniature weimaraner puppies?

A lot of people look at the size of a 4 weeks or 8 weeks old weimaraner puppy and may thing that it will grow to be just a few pound. Weimaraners are large breed dogs and there is no such things as a miniature weimaraner. Weimaraner as a puppy is small and cute but it eventually grows up to a 100 pound or more. There is no way to predict what size a weimaraner can grow up to, But with our years of experience with the breed and as a certified Weimaraner Breeder we discover that female Weimaraners tern to be smaller than the males.

Female Weimaraner

Weimaraner Puppies for sale

What is the price of a Weimaraner ?

A lot of people wonder about the actual price of weimaraner. This is normal as there are many breeders and a lot of websites on line showing weimaraner puppies for sale with different prices with some being too expensive and other being to cheap. You should understand that pure breed weimaraner puppies turn to be more expensive. price of a weimaraner puppy can range from $700-$1500 depending on the weimaraner breeder,Weimaraner Puppies from reputable weimaraner breeder are usually one with two heath tested, temperament tested parents who have tittles in relevant venues at the above price.  If you are looking for a cheap weimaraner puppy my suggestion is for you to find a weimaraner rescue near you. You can get a weimaraner  from a weimaraner rescue for no more than $200. Weimaraner Dogs can still cost more from $1500-$5000 that is if you are getting a weimaraner from resells online website or puppy brokers and you equally cannot guarantee the puppy’s health as they could be in a genetic mess from and abusive situation.

-What is the best trait of a weimaraner dog

Weimaraner dogs are but the sweetest of all dogs in a personal point of view, growing up to 100 lps can be scary to some people that are new to this breed. though most weimaraner dogs need owners that can take leadership,socialization and most of all training beyond the beginner levels, Weimaraners are the most loyal friendly dogs to their owner and more reserved with strangers. A weimaraner will always be happy to see you, will greet you every day as if it the last day. a well trained weimaraner have a submissive behavior of greeting with a little yips.

Happy Weimaraner

-Which Weimaraner Puppy should i choose?

It takes a lot of time to find the right a weimaraner breeder near you. When you finally arrive at the kennel and face with 7 weimaraner puppies all looking adorable and breathtaking, Now it time to make a decision and pick one from the lots. A lot of people comes in with precise color and gender but looking at 7 puppies of the same color with 3 being males and 4 being females can be a little challenging to choose from. I usual advice my friends and family to be focus on even temperament,independence, dominant and Intelligence.I have outline some few points below to help you make your decision.

-If you are looking for a large dog that can grow to about 100 lbs, watch the dogs intake of food when at the kennel, A weimaraner puppy that will grow to massive dominates the others when eating, he is fat and round and consumes more food.

-To know which of the puppy is more independent,when visiting the kennel a weimaraner puppy that shy and insure always run searching the mother and the more independent puppy will be very inquisitive. You can also pop a balloon near the puppies and see which of them recover first from the shock of the pop sound and check if he or she comes to investigate where the balloon was pooped. There you will know which is more independent and dominant.

– As a stranger at the kennel see which of the puppies comes and investigate you more often the curious puppy which comes to you first is really a smart one.

Are Weimaraners good with children?

Weimaraners are good with kids and other pet,They have excellent temperament, but you will need to start training them from puppy stage so when they grow older, they will understand and tolerate mistake of children. Weimaraners loves their family but if not well trained, they can developed serious anxiety and separation as such can become very destructive. Also you will have to trained your kids to avoid pulling the dog ears,tail or climb on their back. Disrupting their eating or sleep can be very dangerous. Some weimaraners tend to protect their food while eating so you have to train them to feel comfortable with the person taking the food/treat/toy. Kids can equally be very inquisitive so you are advice to train your weimaraner so as not to bite.

Female Weimaraner dog

If you are looking for a well trained weimaraner puppy that is true to it breed, feel free to contact us by clicking the link below. We start training our weims at 4 weeks and prepare them for their forever home. We equally have a weim guard for new weimaraner puppy owners that will help them bring out the best from their puppies.We have available blue and grey Weimaraner Puppies For Sale.


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