Cute Weims for Kids

Dohman Weimaraner Home raise well-socialized puppies who are free from congenital disorders which is why they are vet checked before being delivered to their new owners.

The socialization process begins early on with our best Weimaraner puppies for sale in Ohio. All the Weimaraner puppies in Ohio will have had numerous interactions with different people, places, sights and sounds well before heading home to allow them become well adjusted members of your immediate family.

Weimaraner puppy for sale in Ohio

As a prospective owner, you can now see how fulfilling it can be to welcome these puppies into your home as soon as possible!  You now know that Dohman Weimaraner Home are dedicated to producing healthy, intelligent, confident puppies so why not call us now so you too can be one of the many proud Weimaraner Puppy owners? You may also want to take advantage of these great doggy services available during our regular hours.

Why is Dohman Weimaraner Home Breeds Ohio the best place to find Weimaraner puppies for sale?

Are you looking for the best place to buy Weimaraner puppies for sale in Ohio? There are plenty of places that offer Weimaraner puppies for sale, but you should consider getting them from Dohman Weimaraner Home Breeds. We offer the best quality Weimaraner puppies for sale at very affordable prices. Our Weimaraner puppies are better than other Weimaraner puppies because we only give them the best care. Our puppies are well fed, healthy, happy, and energetic. They are also very well socialized so they can easily adapt to their new homes. Weimaraner puppies for sale are not easy to come by, but you can always count on Dohman Weimaraner Home Breeds for the best Weimaraner puppies for sale in Ohio.



The Dohman Weimaraner Home Breeds Strategy

Weimaraner puppies for sale in Ohio

When considering whether Dohman Weimaraner Bitches should be mated, it’s vital to think carefully. It’s recommended that they should not be bred after the age of 8 and often times Weimaraner breeders in Ohio will let at least a year between litters so as to give the bitch time to recover. Additionally, Bitches are only allowed 3 litters in their lifetime. This is because it’s important that puppies produced for pet homes are healthy and strong enough to stand on their own feet ready to accept their new owner! When looking for potential stud dogs, we select based on health and proven track record.

How To Care For a Weimaraner Puppy

Taking care of a Weimaraner as a pet is no easy feat as they’re often high-strung and energetic. Even the most seasoned dog trainer, however, can agree that with proper training any breed can become well behaved. So it boils down to having patience and willingness to endure the early stages of puppyhood. And below are some steps that have proven beneficial for any first time pet owner of this particular breed of dog.

3 Things to consider before buying a Weimaraner puppy?

1)Weimaraner Breeds are descendants of the Bloodhound

According to popular belief, the Hubert Hound and the Chien-gris dog (both descended from the bloodhound) are the ancestors of the Bloodhound.

Because of this, they have an excellent ability to locate game via scent. All these hypotheses, however, can only be considered theories, as the exact history of this breed is unknown.

Weimaraners have adapted and have become popular as general purpose hunting dogs as big game in Europe has decreased. They would often be used to retrieve game ;like Labradors (hence the love of fetch we see in modern Weimaraners).

Breeds of this type are likely to be kept as family pets rather than as gun dogs in 21st-century homes. However, there are still some lines of working bloodlines around the world.

2)Weimaraners Don’t Like Apartments

Weimaraners are known for their love of spending time outdoors in large open spaces; they do not do well in cities or tiny apartments; these long-legged dogs need room to stretch out

This breed is known to love to bark when bored and/or confined.

By allowing them to spend a lot of time outside and giving them lots of room in the house, you can reduce this behavior.

3) The Long-Haired Weimaraners Are Not Recognized

Despite its short, silver-gray coat, the Weimaraner is very distinct. They must be distinctively short haired and grey, otherwise they are not accepted by the AKC for registration.

Breeds with long hair are not recognized by the Kennel Club of America, and other kennel clubs around the world do as well.

Colors and coat lengths that are different from standard are available, but are not recognized, so they are more difficult to find.

Long-haired coats are recessive, therefore both parents must be carriers for them to have the condition. If left undocked, the tail has feathering (like a Golden Retriever) when the coat is long and soft.


If you are looking for Weimaraner puppies for sale, Dohman Weimaraner Home Breeds is the trusted place to get your Weimaraner puppies for sale in Ohio.