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Weimaraner Puppies For Sale in California

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If you are looking for the best Weimaraner breeder in North California, Search no more, Dohman Weimaraner puppy home breeds the best weimaraner dogs that are excellent in all aspects. Our dogs are of high intelligence with high energy and great stamina. They are from a champion bloodline good in shows, hunting and excellent retrievers. We do have Adorable weimaraner puppies for sale in California but before we give out our puppy to any family, they must show us that you have the ability to own one of this gentle giants.

We put the safety of our weims first as such takes great interest in where our puppies are going and follow up to see that the blend into their new forever home with little or no stress. As a responsible breeder, We keep in touch even after our puppies are follow settle to make sure that they are not in danger in any where in the long run.

Available Litters

We do have current litters on our available puppy page.We are very sure our puppies will do exceptionally well in The AKC Field Trials, Ratings and hunting test that is schedule later this year. As a family dog we believe they will be loyal, affectionate and protective. Our Liters are from dogs imported from Belarus in 2019. they are excellent and well trained in hunting and shows. 

Weimaraner puppies for sale in california

It is difficult to know the best puppy for your home, But through the first 8 weeks of the puppy life, we spend quality time with them learning their personality and character as such we are in the best position to recommend a puppy that will be best for your home.

All our Puppies are AKC/BWCA and NAHVDA registered.In addition to OFA-certified hips and elbows, their parents have been screened for other health issues .

Weimaraner Breeders – What to Look For

A decision to adopt a Weimaraner should not be taken lightly. It is essential to research the breed’s traits and qualities before adoption in order to avoid any unnecessary hassles and drama later on down the line.Doing your homework beforehand will only benefit you and your dog.Responsible Weimaraner breeders will pay attention to the traits of this breed and strive to prevent the less desirable ones from being passed on to the next generation.In addition to ensuring that the mothers are physically and emotionally healthy, they will also closely monitor the dogs during their pregnancy. Unlike dogs, puppies are evaluated by their veterinarian after birth to ensure that they are healthy, as well as ready for adoption.The following step will determine where you will be getting your Weimaraner puppy from.The American Kennel Club can provide you with the contact details of Weimaraner breeders nearby, or your vet might be able to recommend one to you.Online advertising would also offer great information about Weimaraner breeders, since they are so prevalent.

Puppy mills are essentially dog factories where puppies are mass produced in sometimes horrific conditions. You should never, at any cost, purchase a puppy from one of these factories.Breeders who breed Weimaraner under such conditions ignore the specific genetic diseases that this breed is susceptible to and will inbreed without the slightest hesitation.It is not a good idea to get your puppy from this source and will likely be something you regret.The existence of these puppy mills has been the subject of many horror stories and many dogs and their owners have suffered from great stress and hardship as a result of the owner’s choice to buy their dog from one of them.Many people do so rather than spend as much money as they would if they bought a dog from a reputable breeder who cares sincerely about the welfare of the dog.In your quest for a Weimaraner breeder, you don’t want to waste time visiting puppy mills, which are all about profit.

You can count on your Weimaraner to bring you lots of love, devotion, and loyalty, and it will make a wonderful addition to your family.It is important to keep in mind that the source from which you obtain your dog, whether a puppy or an adult, will have a big impact on its condition. It is advisable to check out the breeders in your area carefully, both with the AKC and the Internet, as well as with Weimaraner Rescue Shelters in your area. Usually, these places feature adult dogs, but occasionally puppies are also available for adoption.It is possible to get the contact information of Weimaraner breeders from a decent shelter who work with them occasionally for the betterment of this breed.

Weimaraner puppies for sale in california
Weimaraner puppies for sale in california

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