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Weimaraner Puppies For Sale Atlanta GA

Thank you for visiting Dohman Weimaraners’s site. Cobb County, Georgia, is where we are located. Our specialty is providing you with gorgeous AKC and pedigree Weimaraner puppies. Typically, litters are available in spring and fall of each year. Having started breeding Weimaraners in 2009, we are still breeding them today. 

AKC-registered Dohman Weimaraners carry solid pedigrees depending on the litter in regards to hunting, versatility, and conformation. Our dogs are all very gentle around children and are very friendly with people in general.In terms of conformation, tracking skills, and eagerness to learn, both of our males and females are very intelligent. 

The three kinds of Weimaraners we offer are Silver, Silver/Gray, and Blue. Longhair litters will be available starting in the fall of 2017. Stockhaar is a rare coat type that occasionally appears. There is limited registration for all of them.


Weimaraner Puppies For Sale Atlanta GA

Weimaraner Puppies For Sale Atlanta GA

weimaraner puppies for sale in GA

If you are interested in adding a new Weimaraner to your home, We have male and female blue weimaraner puppies in Georgia that will be easily deliver to your home at very affordable prices. Our puppies are all well trained and affectionate, They come with a starter kits that will help you feed, train and nurture your weimaraner puppy to be the best Best Weimaraner in GA area

Weimaraner lab mix for sale in GA

Dohman Weimaraner homes equally have in their kennel Weimaraner Lab Mix puppies for sale that are very affordable and well trained. This adorable mix breed dogs comes with limited registration and will bring much love to your home. With experience of breeding Weimaraners for years, we have very much come out with the best weims mix that will blow your mind. Please do check our available longhair Weimaraner puppies page to see some of our beautiful mix longhair puppies available for adoption. Feel free to contact us if there is any question or how to get one of our puppies or you can equaly register for the next litters.

Weimaraner Puppies for Sale In Atlanta GA

Labmaraner puppies for sale me

A Labmaraner puppy is a crossbreed between a Labrador Retriever and a Weimaraner dog breed. Their intelligence, activity, and friendliness make them ideal puppy. They carry the qualities of both their parents since their parents are different dog breeds. Weimador is sometimes used instead of Labmaraner.

If you’re buying Labmaraner puppies, you should keep in mind that this breed doesn’t do well when left alone for long periods of time. Labmaraner puppies can become anxious if they are left alone for a long period of time. It is, however, not difficult to train them.

weimaraner puppies for sale craigslist

After spending time looking for a Weimaraner puppies and you are yet to get one for your home, Craigslist is one of the biggest platforms that help buy get what every breed they might be looking for and the Weimaraner is not an exception. Don’t feel down casted because you are yet to get one of our weimaraner puppies for your home. You are equally check out Weimaraner puppies for sale on Craigslist and you might be lucky to get one from a home that is looking for a good home for their Weimaraner puppies or you can come in contact with another experience weimaraner breeder on Craigslist.

Blue Weimaraner Puppies for Sale In Atlanta GA

It is common to find Blue Weimaraners. Gray Weimaraners may be more prevalent, but Blue Weimaraners tend to be more numerous.

Despite being very lovable and affectionate, blue Weimaraners are prone to snapping and being aggressive towards other dogs of the same gender. It’s not a good idea to allow them to be near house cats if they’re not properly socialized.

Blue Weimaraner Breeders GA
Weimaraner Puppies For Sale In Atlanta GA

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