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Weimaraner puppies for adoption, The Weimaraner breed isn’t as popular as some other breeds, especially in the USA. However, they have been increasingly popular over the years, gaining trust in households and becoming service dogs in some cases. This is largely a reflection of the enthusiasm that weimaraner lovers have, to both seek out this wonderful breed and to spread the word about how incredibly awesome this dog breed is as a canine family member.

Weimaraner puppies for adoption

Dohman Weimaraner is an organization devoted to the rescue and adoption of Weimaraner dogs. We believe that these dogs deserve a second chance. For years, they have been trained to hunt and protect in the military and law enforcement sectors. We are happy to take them in and give them a loving home.

People frequently ask us where to buy Weimaraner dogs, which is one of the most common questions we receive. Weimaraner puppies are impossible to get in a store, and you have to be aware of scams and other tricks online, so this section will provide you with detailed information about this subject.

In this section, you will find:

  1. Our Members were asked to answer a survey about where they acquired their Weimaraner dogs. We will provide you with the results from 402 Weimaraner owners in order to answer this specific  question. 

2. In this article, we will cover the most important facts to know when searching for a Weimaraner (along with some sketchy sites to avoid).

3. The importance of identifying the signs of a healthy Weimaraner puppy, as well as warning signs to look out for

A Weimaraner puppy or dog can be found in many places. You can find a Weimaraner at your local animal shelter or rescue organization, which is among the most popular and common resources. In some cases, you will have to place your name on the waiting list. Weimaraner dogs can never be predicted when they will arrive, so you should contact as many shelters as possible that you feel are within driving  distance.

Then again, other approaches are available as well.  As you’ll see below, owners found their perfect pet in a variety of ways, from posting an ad on Dohman’s List to rescuing a Weimaraner that was thrown out of a drive-thru… Taking in the pet of a friend, neighbor, or coworker who could no longer care for him… A pet store is not a good place to find a Weimaraner (it’s not recommended). 

It is also true that there are owners who bought their dog from a breeder, and we will also discuss that. 

Weimaraner puppies for adoption

Our Members were asked how they obtained their Weimaraner in a survey we sent out. The poll was open until just over 400 responses were collected so as to get a good sampling. The first step will be to look at the overall results, followed by a closer examination of the details. 

A shelter was answered by 19% of respondents (79 people) The waiting list was established for me. In second place (14%, 58 people) was ‘Another way’ (which we will explore in more detail in just a moment). On the third spot (13%, 54 people) came the answer ‘A breeder I found online by searching for Weimaraner dogs‘.

Weimaraner puppies for adoption

Due to the serious details we included in the owner survey, the results look like this when we group all the questions together:

  • A shelter specifically for Weimaraners did receive one count in the % results, however, that is also no longer included since it is less than 1%) Out of the three responses to the shelter or rescue question, 34% (144 owners) revealed a shelter or rescue of any kind.
  • (131 owners) 31% of those polled are from breeders of any kind
  • As for any other answer (such as “other” which some owners mentioned additional information, online listings, knowing someone who had a litter and finding/rescuing a Weimaraner themselves, this accounted for 35% (144 owners).

**** It is also important to note that those who chose ‘Another way’ often offered details that resembled that of shelters or breeders (more below)

Locations and # of people who responded:

U.S. 340
Canada 12
Australia 8
Trinidad and Tobago 7
Switzerland 6
United Kingdom 5
Mexico 5
Philippines 4
Unknown 15
AKC Weimaraner dog
Weimaraner Puppies For Adoption

A shelter or many rescue groups do not plan in advance what type of dog they are going to receive. A puppy mill or backyard breeder cannot be confiscated unless there is a plan to do so. The fact that we are listing the responses to the survey does not mean the shelters will necessarily have more Weimaraners (although they definitely might). 

This suggests that finding a Weimaraner when you are looking to adopt is almost always done through a rescue group or shelter. 

Next, we will investigate which shelters and rescues adopted out Weimaraner to the owners who completed our survey, and we will discuss how to locate such dogs at local shelters. 

Listed below are Weimaraners found in shelters, no matter if you clicked off ‘another way’. 

A state-by-state listing of shelters. The name of the shelter or rescue center is shown here, along with the state and city

Alaska (Wasilla) – Shelter not specified
Arizona (Scottsdale) – Foothills Animal Rescue
Arkansas (Maumelle) – Maumelle Animal Services
Arkansas (Bella Vista) – Bella Vista Animal Shelter
California (Tueolomne) – Shelter not specified
California (Simi Valley) – Shelter not specified
California (Walnut Creek) –  Nor Cal Poodle Rescue
California (San Diego) – Maltese and More Rescue
California (San Diego) – Thrive Animal Rescue 
California (Fresno) – ASPCA
California (Los Angeles) – Smash Face Rescue
California (Oakland) – Oakland Animal Services 
California (Corona del Mar) – Lovebugs Rescue
California (Orange) – Orange County Animal Shelter
California (Rosamond) – Second Hand Animals
Colorado (Glenwood Springs) – Colorado Animal Rescue
Connecticut (New Haven) – New Haven Animal Shelter
Connecticut (Bethel) – Danbury Animal Welfare Society
Florida (Boca Raton) – Tri County Animal Rescue
Florida (Orange Park) – Clay County Safe Animal Shelter
Georgia (Atlanta) – Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption
Idaho (Idaho Falls) – Snake River Animal Shelter 
Indiana (Indianapolis) – Humane Society of Indianapolis 
Louisiana (New Orleans) – SPCA
Massachusetts (Methuen) – MSPCA
Minnesota (Eden Prairie) – Secondhand Hounds  
New Hampshire – Animal Rescue League
New Jersey (Tenafly) – Pet ResQ, Inc. 
New York (Portchester) – Savings Paw Rescue
New York (Yonkers) – Yonkers Animal Shelter 
Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) – Western Pennsylvania Humane Society 
Tennessee – Greeneville – LoveHandlers Animal Sanctuary
Tennessee (Madisonville) – Monroe County Animal Shelter
Texas (McKinney) – Sheree’s Dog Rescue
Virginia (Portsmouth) – Portsmouth Humane Society 
Wyoming (Laramie)- Laramie Animal Shelter 
How to find a Weimaraner to adopt from a shelter:

1) Visit several shelters. By visiting several animal shelters, you have a much better chance of finding a Weimaraner for adoption. Make sure you locate all shelters within reasonable driving distance from your area. The more that you have, the better, ranging from two to ten, depending on where you live.

2) Put your name on a waiting list for a Weimaraner. Weims are usually on their way to the shelter even if they aren’t at the shelter yet! In this way, you can improve your chances.  For a small fee, some places hold your spot for various lengths of time, usually 1 year. A fee of $20 to $100 may apply, but typically the fee will be refunded if your dog does not show up.

Weimaraner Puppies for Adoption
What to expect and not expect:

1) Shelter dogs can live long, healthy lives. Nothing is guaranteed in shelters, however, but well-run shelters provide full medical exams, deworming, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and microchipping for dogs. Additionally, the malnourished dogs are fed well once they are rescued and are not released until they are strong enough to be adopted. 

2) Dogs in shelters may or may not have behavioral or other issues. A few dogs have been surrendered to the city because their owners no longer could care for them, or were with the military and needed to move. Dogs are typically assessed for their emotional state at shelters. Ask questions if you have any. It should be possible to find out how a dog relies on other dogs, whether it gets along well with other cats, and to what degree he or she is housetrained.

As part of this process, some shelters train dogs before they are adopted so that they can receive commands and have proper socialization, which makes the transition easier for them to their new families.

3) Don’t expect age to be a given. Shelters have a wide range of dogs, including puppies, grown-ups, and senior dogs. Despite the fact that many people want to have young puppies, older Weimaraners are also available for adoption. Some dogs may be better suited for rehoming than puppies, depending on the breed’s past. 

4) Don’t expect a specific color from a particular manufacturer. Weimaraner dogs are available in various colors, as you might know. There is a wide range of colors from blue to gray, as well as just about  everything in between. Silver Gray or Mouse Blue may take forever if you are set on one particular color.  The pup color is also not normally the adult color of a Weimaraner, since they are known to have a color change.

Weimaraner Puppies for Adoption
Blue Weimaraner Puppies For Sale
Weimaraner Puppies For Adoption
Weimaraner Puppies for Adoption
The following Weimaraner puppies are available and ready to go now!
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