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weimaraner faq for 2021

Frequently Asked Questions About Weimaraners

Making the decision to own a Weimaraner requires a significant commitment, ranging from ten to fifteen years. You want to be absolutely sure before making a commitment, just as you would for adopting a child.

Weimaraner faq for 2021 covers some of the common question ask by weimaraner lovers before before they could proceed in the final adoption of the new weimaraner puppy. We have equally produce detail information about this breed on our Blog, So you can check it out or contact us directly for more information if need be.

Weimaraner faq for 2021

weimaraner faq for 2021

1. How can I determine if a Weimaraner is the right pet for me?

The Weimaraner Club of America has a great information on its website call “Living with a Weim” This page breaks down the details about having a weimaraner as your family pet, it vividly describe the breed and talks about it people-centric behavior that makes them the perfect family dog and also reasons why this special breed is not for every body.

2. Before I purchase a Weimaraner, how can I find out more about them?

Spending time with a Weimaraner can help you determine if this is the right dog for you! Our events allow you to observe the dogs in action and get some “hands on” experience.We do organise events 3 times a year and you can contact us directly or follow our fb page for the latest update about an upcoming event.

Whenever possible, spend time with friends or family members who own Weimaraners or other large sporting breeds, This will equally help you to know some common characteristics common to the breed.Perhaps you can pet-sit a relative’s or friend’s dog and gain hands-on experience caring for Weimaraner dogs.

3. Can Weimaraners get along with cats?

Very FEW Weimaraners can tolerate the presence of a cat. Most of them have a strong “prey drive” and are bred to hunt anything with “fur or feathers”. Weimaraners are extremely likely to kill cats if given the chance.

The cats and the Weimaraner might have to be kept apart for the whole length of their lives if you own cats and want to have a Weimaraner. This is just the general knowledge about the breed. With the right training and firm control of the breed, they can be very lovely and adorable with cats and other small pets and chickens.

4. Does the Weimaraner breed get along well with kids?

Including your children during the training session of a puppy, helps brings awareness to the dog showing who is the boss. Weims are packed dogs with vast intelligence and if all members of the family do not partake in its training, they will think of themselves as in charge if nobody is in charge.

It is Dangerous for them to assume the position of a pack leader, this can lead to misinterpretation of the weims behavior and action. Always make sure during training, the Weimaraner must follow through with the command; if you say sit, the dog must sit and it’s not acceptable if they choose not to sit. Doing this will make sure the children are looked up to as the pack leaders and not the other way round.

5. Does a Weimaraner shed?

Usually, they shed their old hair coat twice a year as new hair grows in. A little sheds throughout the year. In order to keep their skin healthy, they should be brushed regularly in order to remove dead hair. The breed’s short, fine hair makes shedding less of a problem than that of longer coated breeds.

6. Is it okay to keep Weimaraners outside only?

No! Weimaraners are devoted to their owners and want to live with them. They are very social, so they love being around the family.Leaving Weimaraners outdoors full-time almost certainly leads to destructive behavior such as digging, barking, climbing/jumping the fence, and other signs that they are unhappy being outdoors.

Many dogs suffer from health problems when kept outside. This will shorten their lives. Bringing a Weimaraner indoors and crate training the dog can eliminate many of the problems that families experience with these dogs.

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