Cute Weims for Kids


Also the raw hides don’t seem to get chewed up or broken down all the way, maybe not taken away when they become small, then the pup ends up swallowing a large piece, what remains becomes lodged  in their throat.

Besides that, you can buy commercial treats all you want. This is your baby you are taking home. I’m just here to offer my thoughts. 🙂 

I look at commercial treats, as just that. mass produced food. well, that’s not bad but when you by the cheap cheap. You get what you pay for. Fillers, flavors, by product and some more I can’t pronounce . If you by the healthier product, it will cost more.

 Now, The way I see it. We most already have their treats in our fridge or on the counter. Any of these can be given frozen, raw or dehydrated. Most love them any ways!! and Ice too! I must warn, if you have a garden or go on hikes, they will eat off trees and bushes! They know whats good for them.  🙂

Peanut butter- the super treat. 😉





and more Just give it to them and see what they like. We all have different taste buds.

Meat!!! RAW or COOKED (no cooked chicken bone) or DEHYDRATED

 Clean out your fridge/freezer once a week  and ask grandma and godmother to think about your baby too. Know a good hunter? Chop up the food you’re not going to eat, into bite size pieces and freeze for future treats. You made a big breakfast and two pieces of sausage remain? Throw that in the treat bag that’s in the freezer as well. The best, healthy, already purchased treats. 🙂 Let’s not forget to take in account our love’s treats in his daily eating. Watch that waistline. 🙂

Now, let’s not forget. Our babe’s enjoy working for their treat, they strive to please. Let us not deprive them of their well deserved reward. Let Fido do a job, so he will feel accomplished, before giving him his treat. Let it be Sit, Stay, Shake, Roll over or any command he has been taught or is being taught. Let him enjoy his treat after he turned the lights offs. They love to grow their minds and you believing in them and rewarding them for the job is what they see, is a great thing. Just like kids , RIGHT. lol However, rewards are also ANY attention. Good or Negative..