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Things To Know About A Weimaraner Dog

Adopting a dog could be exciting and overwhelming for a first timer,But there are things to know about a weimaraner dog before adopting one. Their cute nature,soft looks and innocents can be deceiving for the first year as they eventually grow from puppies to adult dogs.It is very wise to do massive research about size,temperament and energy level to name a few, match it with your living condition  before making the final decision on which breed is suitable for your home. Weimaraner Puppies are cute with their blue or silver coat,Blue eyes and soft barks. They look amazing and charming and will seduce any dog lover to adopt one at first sight.Before choosing a weimaraner puppy for adoption consider the below remarks .

Energy Level of the breed

Weimaraner dogs are among the 10 fastest dogs breed in the world,originally from Germany their long legs, and high energy level makes them suitable for show/sports, there are exceptional good in bird hunting and hiking. Though they interact very well with other pets their hunting instincts can lead them to unconsciously start chasing smaller birds and animals around it environment.


As early mention weimaraners are high energy dogs as such need a lot of training exercises like walking,running,hiking etc. Playing fetch is one of their favorite games at the lark, all you need do is toast a stick in the water and go fetch. You need to be careful though as they can go deeper into the water to investigate any strange sounds from birds. With their energy level, they could play hard so much so that you will need to carry them to the house. Failure to engage them in activities that drain out their their energy might result in boredom of the the dog that will in turn result to him/her chewing up your best sneakers or shoes.

Prone To Mischief

Weimaraners are highly intelligent dog breed ranking 25th position out 138 different ranked dog breeds. With height from 25 to 27 inches form males and 23 to 25 inches for females, They have been known to open doors and unlatch gates in your absent so as to either play outside or steal treats if carelessly kept. Owners are advice to always stay one step ahead of this smart and highly sensitive breed. Owners must provide both physical and mental exertion in terms of training and decipline.


With their energy level you are advice to feed your weimaraner dog with quality high energy diets. Research has shown that feeding several small quantities throughout the day will reduce their risk of gastric torsion. Weimaraner puppies can easily feed any good quality meal but the transition from one meal type to the other should always be a slow process. you can start by mixing a little former meal before finally switching to a completely new meal. They love treats and can easily convince you to their bidding. As such should stay focused as too much treat can get them obese.


The above points are just some few insides on what to know before getting a weimaraner puppy, But there are lots of different and more important facts that have been left out in this post. Insure to do more research and ask from previous owners about their experiences before finally adopting one as they are cases of people turning such beautiful creature to shelters home because they are not fit to handle them

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