Cute Weims for Kids

As soon as puppy wakes up from a nap or starts moving around from a relaxed position, he needs to go potty. Just like us after a nap or a movie and such. Puppy can hold his bladder for 45 min. max, while moving about. And an hour and a a half at 3 months. At 4 months you can add another hour for each month thereafter. Puppy doesn’t need to eat or drink two hours before bed and last person to bed takes him out to potty to his special place far from the house. (Poops will get larger). And once about 4 hours later. Then bright an early in the a.m. Carry him to his spot until he is able to hold it until he gets there. Maybe touch his nose to a bell every time you take them, maybe not with his paw. You don’t want your door scratched. I don’t recommend teaching to use a potty pad in the house. I wouldn’t start that train of thought, ” that it’s ok to potty in the house.” However, sometimes it is necessary until puppy is old enough to hold it until you are around. Treats aren’t needed at potty time. It will distract them from their business. He needs to stay focused on his business and where it is being handled. Your baby will need to go number 2 soon after eating to make room for what he just ate. He will also need to clear his system when he starts to get excited or playing around really well. Like, if he knows he is about to go for a walk or run or good play time, he will stop and go potty before or soon after, within 15 min. IF YOU OWN A ROBOT VACUUM/MOP, Check the house very well for accidents before turning it on. Don’t ask me how I know. Use your imagination. It wasn’t very fun. You might want to consider not even using it for a few weeks, until training is over. Just as a good preventive measure. lol 🙂