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Picking Up Your Weimaraner Puppy


Picking up your Weimaraner puppy,Are you sure you and your Family are ready for your newest,playful and exciting member of your family? Guest what? Our Weimaraner puppies are just the right pet for you, We breed for excellence and compatibility. You will be amaze for what you are getting from us. Trust me it will be a sweet and lovely journey if you are a first timer in the weimaraner world.

picking up your weimaraner puppy

Picking up your weimaraner puppy

You will be able to receive additional pictures of the puppies, All you need to do is go to the available page of our website, get the name of the puppy you are willing to adopt and email us the name of the puppy. I will be happy to text or email you more information about the puppy’s personality and parents information. We will equally love to hear about your experience with the breed and if you need more help from us if you are a first timer.

Interested parties should contact me with their full names, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and the location where they would like their Weimaraner puppy shipped, as well as a different secondary location, if possible.  My payment methods include Visa, PayPal, Cash App, Zelle, Apple Pay. 

I must add 5.6% sales tax to the total for Missouri residents and Weimaraner puppy pick-ups (even when out of state). Payment for the Weimaraner puppy must be made in cash or by the above payment details provided. if you plan on picking it up. Please give me a non-refundable deposit of $300 to hold a puppy for you. 

Before shipping, you must make full payment. A health inspection, health papers, and the shipping crate are included in the $800 shipping charge for puppies at 8 weeks of age.  Identifiability of puppies is assured by microchipping them at three weeks of age. It is the last three digits of the microchip number of the puppy that is given to the owner so they know they are getting the puppy they choose.


The puppy backpack

1. You will need to buy one for each child if you have young children. This is a story about the country Weimaraner that comes from the city.

2. Blanket that I will machine embroider with the puppy’s new name if you let me know in advance.

3. Vaccinations for puppies between 6 and 8 weeks of age have been given, as well as shots and wormings; the next set of vaccinations is not due until 12 weeks of age.

4. A Weimaraner breeder who raises only Weimaraner puppies and is a professional dog breeder with over thirty years of experience who will hold your puppy responsible for the duration of its life and be available to answer any questions you may have.

5. We offer a written guarantee against genetic defects for two years, with the option to extend the warranty by an additional five years with NuVet, and ten days against illness. Sample of NuVet inculded.

6. Microchipped puppies come with collar tags so they can be identified with their microchips.

  1. I have OFA certified males of all ages that are in my herd.
  2. All my pups have champion bloodlines.
  3. Registrar’s puppy paper for AKC registration.

  4. Americian National Puppy food in a small bag.

  5. A pedigree of the parents five generations back.

  6. Playing with toys and eating treats.
  7. A book on training Weimaraner dogs.
  8. Bags and holders for poop.

  9. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau
Puppy Bag Pack

To breed quality dogs, we breed only the best. They do come with written contracts showing a 10-day guarantee against dying, excluding accidental death, and a 2-year guarantee against genetic defects. Shipping pups with Pet Air requires them to be 8 weeks old at the time of shipping. Since airline restrictions no longer allow taped documents to be attached to the crate, AKC paperwork and health records are mailed via US mail.  

Also taped to the back of the crate is American National Priuman puppy food, which we feed. Changing your pup’s food means gradually increasing the new food and decreasing what comes with your new pup; it may cause diarrhea if you do it suddenly.  In addition to puppies’ first shots, a second set will be due at 12 and 16 weeks of age.

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