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Is Weimaraner the right dog for your home?

Is Weimaraner the right dog for your home?

Weimaraner Dog, but it describes the type of substrate, such as a standard kind, fear, alert, obedient, followed, but half of the character. If loyalty bold opinionated, and stubborn attitude also presents an opportunity to meet the love and willingness to take the family dog to the top itself. Destructive chewing is considered as cans, it can be a problem. Ranging Like most large breeds of hunting, Weimaraner Puppies requires a lot of practice and the search of the game must be kept in a fenced yard to keep him.Because he had developed as a hunting dog and still retains its instinct, he may be hazardous to birds and small mammals.

Unlike many hunting breeds, however, Weimaraner dogs, and do well when confined to a kennel. This is a breed that needs obedience training to control a violent temper. Owners who must have a little naughty might not be able to monitor and housetraining a dog box for a new dog to help protect teeth from furniture and woodwork. Weimaraner puppy classes or at home, it is essential to control movement at the moment he enters the family. He must be taught to obey all members of the family. How will training for the shear his harsh attitude should be smooth and firm?
1. Weimaraners They are all bred to hunt with the owner the day … very energetic animals. If you change this behavior, change the required Weim. If the operation can not be processed, and you should see fewer different varieties of the wild!
2. Weims is not a smooth mouth like a golden retriever or Irish setter. They’re still game hunters and have a lower tolerance for small fur-bearing animals, including small dogs and some cats Weims. If you change this behavior, change the default back of the substrate.
3. Weims may bark, if you have too much away from them, and they remain on their own, Weimaraners are lonely, like other dogs, and they are constantly trying to develop or escape their environment to bark and bad habits.
While hunting dogs Weimaraners 4. They do not like living outdoors. They need your attention. They are a truly loyal companion for hunting in all respects to need your friendship. Outside the chain of Weim does not work!
Despite the folklore and myths surrounding the breed dog 5. no wonder we Weimaraner. When given the opportunity, when no one not looking, he would still roseuteueul steal the pot off the table!

While this may seem like a lot of work, a good owner/dog relationship can last for about fifteen years. Some later married! Time and effort have to find one that suits your needs and provides a personality, rewarding experience for all of you whether that’s a Weimaraner or any other breed of dog life.

Characteristics of a Weimaraner

1. Weimaraners they bred their teachers and all hunting one day … very energetic animals. This behavioral change is essential for Weim change. If you are unable to respond to this behavior, you should look less bad race!

2. Weims is not a smooth mouth with a golden retriever or Irish setter. Hunter is still small skin-bearing animals, including cats and small dogs with a low tolerance to some regeneration and Weims. If you change this behavior, change the default back of the substrate.

3. Weims can peel, you’re too far away from them and leave yourself, Weimaraners are just as committed to the development or to escape their surroundings for other dog bark constantly and bad habits.

While hunting dogs Weimaraners 4. They like to live in the outdoors, not. They need your attention. They are in every way, their friendship is necessary, faithful fellow hunters. Weim off the chain does not work!

5. I am not a dog wandering around, despite racing folklore and mythology, and Weimaraner. Given the opportunity, they will still steal the meat in a pan on the table when you are not watching anyone!

The American Kennel Club Standard for the Weimaraner Breed

AKC Weimaraner dog

General Looks
The medium-sized dog with an aristocratic thin gray line. It should be a picture of grace, speed, stamina, balance, and boundaries. Above all, in the form of a dog, it must show the ability to work with great speed and endurance in the field.

Height at the withers: dogs, 25 twenty-five to twenty-seven inches; Female, 23 twenty-three inches more than one inch from the specified height of each sex it should be permitted but penalized. Below is yi inchi twenty yuk inch measuring a dog is 24 inches measured from twenty pal inch and female disqualified.

Moderately long pause again moderate mild midline noble front. Occipital horn rather large well again started from the back of the track. Is the same as the stop is determined by measuring length. Lips are right, it is delicate nostrils. Also, draw the skin. Neck moderately long and happy. Lively and intelligent expression crush. Ear-long, folded leaflets slightly higher set. Firmly pull the chin with ears to end about 2 inches from the tip of the nose. Enough put away to show the eyes, a good disposition, and information in the gray or blue-gray shade of light yellow. When eyes widened in excitement may appear almost black. Teeth strong and even setting; Well-developed and correct scissors bite proportional upper teeth are protruding chin, a slightly longer lower teeth at least 1.16 inches. The entire denture will be greatly required. Co-gray. Lips and skin tone pinkish gum.

It is a moderate to strong back, fixed-length and straight, should be slightly tilted and emotions. The chest should be deep well-laid shoulders well developed. Ribs well-sprung long. Secure the abdomen; It followed the appropriate side. The brisket should extend to the elbows.

Coat and color
Short hair and ears, light shades, usually a mixture of a mouse in shades of gray, gray, soft, stylish monochrome. Small white markings on the chest permissible but must be penalized in other parts of the body. The injuries caused by white dots should not be penalized. The distinctly long coat is a disqualification. A distinctly blue or black coat is a disqualification.

And the same distance between the elbow straight strong ground measurements elbows on top of the rough cuff.

Side hip
Well-bent stifle-joint and upward rights. Bodybuilding has also developed.

, It webbed, toes well arched and compact pad companies short gray or yellow closed and thick, nails. The pin should be deleted.

anchorage. Maturity should be measured 6 inches for heavy tendency than light, it must be done in a way to express her confidence and temperament. Non docked tail must be punished.

The approach must be adjusted to try and condition. In the rear, the rear legs have to parallel to the front legs. From the side, the top line must remain strong and level.

We need a friendly temperament, fear, alert and obedient.


Minor flaws
Tail too short or too long. Pink nose.

O dog. Whore dog. Improper muscular condition. The tooth had a severe impact. Four or more missing teeth. Back too long or too short. Faulty court. Neck too short, thick or throaty. Low set tail. Elbows in or out. East and west of the bridge. Poor access. Poor feet. . The arched or defects or deterioration in the cow’s back shins. Bucket or severely under-bite. Muzzle whistle. Short ears.

Very serious defects
White spot on the outside of the chest. Eyes other than gray, blue-gray, or bright yellow. Black spots mouth. Unsecured tail. Strong fears, dog showing nervousness, or extreme shyness.

Height deviations of more than one inch from standard either. Distinctly long coat. Distinctly blue or black coat. December 1971 approved the 14th

Taken from the American Kennel Club website.

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