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How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Puppy Scam

How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Puppy Scam

Getting a puppy online

How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Puppy Scam,Getting a puppy for the first time or as a replacement of your past puppy or additional member of your family can be very troublesome. Most often we can be lucky to see puppies that are close by to our homes as such visit the kennel to check out the puppy and see if we can connect with the puppy before adopting him or her to our home. If meeting the puppy is not possible maybe because of distance, Covid-19 restriction or our busy schedule at work we turn to go online and search for breeders that can deliver this puppy either by air shipping or driving the puppy to us. This process can be very easy when working with legit breeders or very complicated when working with a Puppy scammers. As such we have to know exactly how the whole process works and some inside on how scammers think to avoid being scammed.

How to avoid being scam.

This information is not perfectly going to keep you away from being a victim of puppy scam but will help you judge wisely before you can transfer funds to a complete stranger you have never met.Below are 10 key points that makes it looks like a scam.

1)No direct phone number on the website.

Most puppy scammers lives out of the states or the country they are trying to scam from. This limits their access to getting phone numbers that can be reach on directly. So while surfing the net for your new puppy,take note of this.They will either prefer app contacts like whatsapp,facebook or instagram to chat directly since they don’t have any direct line.

2)Not taking calls.

Puppy Scammers are from another country as such have limits with communication. They cannot communicate fluent with english language or they ascent will sell them off. The americans have their ways of speaking, UK,Australia etc. If you are not from this countries and trying to sell to a native in this country, it is easier from you tone,ascent and how well you can speak the language to tell if they are native speakers or foreign. For this reason alone, Most puppy scammers will shy from picking their calls.

3)Sketchy Websites

Real breeders of puppies will take their time and come out with a long lasting web site that has detail information about the breed but puppy scammers focuses to scam and most often their site are being reported and shot down immediately as such they turn to build website with very little information and rush to scam as many people as possible before it is shot down.

4)Lack of information about the breed.

As a puppy breeder, you are well informed about the breed, pros and cons of the breed, it temperament and health related issues of the breed, Feeding and nutrition, puppy care and their shedding etc. as such when a pet lover contact with a real and experience breeder he turns to treat them well, answer all their questions detailedly concerning the breed and make them comfortable to be able to trust them and send money. While it totally opposite when engaged with a scam breeder. He or she haves no Knowledge about the breed and have little or noting to tell you. The emails they use has been stolen from real breeders but can’t answer to pertinent questions concerning the breed. At this time you be careful as you will be a victim of puppy scam.

5) Fast delivery promise.

Puppy scammers understand that most pet lovers wants to adopt a puppy and they need it very fast. as such the prey on their excitement and promise them unrealistic short time delivery. You should note that for your puppy to shipped, it takes booking of flight, preparing the starter kits for the puppy and other stuffs. this cannot be done in a very short time if not days it can take weeks. So be watchful on the type of promises your get from this scammers.

6) No documentations or History of the Puppies

Before you get a puppy from a stranger, endeavour to get registration documents of the breeder and pedigree of the dog. all legit breeders are registered either with AKC or their country local puppy organisation or pet club. real breeders will have at least one document showing his legitimacy or the puppies pedigree. While fake breeder or a puppy scammer will never provide any document or pedigree report to prove his or her legitimacy.

7) No Local Address

When trying to get a puppy from online, one of the red flag you should be aware of the lack of real address to the kennel. They are several reasons a real breeder will not include his or her address on his website put after communications he will be able to release his address to you. If a breeder wants to sell you his puppy but don’t want to give you his real address, there is 95% guarantee he is a fraudster.

8)Pictures on the website

Scammers do not own this puppies for this reason they turn to surf the net and gather pictures from other social interactive apps and google. These pictures are not professionally shot and all puppies have different backgrounds because they are collected randomly. A real breeder will have pictures taken professional from a unique background that shows he is the owner of this puppies.

9) Videos and Video Calls

This cannot be over emphasized as it varied from breeders to breeders. But it worth mentioning that always try as much as possible to do a video call or get videos of the puppies or puppy you are willing to adopt. A real breeder will always be willing to accept a zoom call or send more pictures and videos of the puppies. If he decide to send pictures and videos always request of pictures of 2 or 4 pictures of other puppies available on the website and not just the one you are willing to adopt. A real breeder will have no difficulties sending you pictures of the puppies together since he or she haves them in his kennel. But a puppy scammer will never accept to this as the pictures of his puppies are gathered randomly from different people online as such no 2 peoples can be in 1 picture.

10) Refusing to meetup.

When getting a puppy online, it is advisable to always meet the breeder and get a hold of the puppy. Most breeders will welcome the idea and schedule a date for the meeting but puppy scammers with no kennel,no puppies and no local address will accept any form of meeting. With you see signs of a breeder strongly refusing to meet and coming up with excuses to rather ship, it is mostly because he is a scammer and just wanting to make away with your money.


How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Puppy Scam

The information above is but little and it not all you need to know, we always advise our readers to keep reading and researching about all it takes to avoid being a victim of puppy scam. We hope that is piece of information is helpful and will help you to better make decision when trying to get a puppy online.

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