This guide includes everything you need to know regarding the Best Dog Food for Weimaraner dogs, puppies, and seniors. It may be difficult for first-time Weimaraner owners in choosing The Right Dog Food For Weimaraner In UK.

The Weimaraner is a naturally active dog and needs a lot of exercise. If you don't provide them with this, they can become destructive and unruly. This is a very athletic dog, so they will need a lot of room to do what they do best – run around. The Weimaraner is a very powerful dog. They will have no problem overcoming a small child or a cat. This is why it is important to make sure it is well trained from puppyhood.
The Weimaraner is a naturally active dog and needs a lot of exercise. If you don't provide them with this, they can become destructive and unruly. This is a very athletic dog, so they will need a lot of room to do what they do best – run around. The Weimaraner is a very powerful dog. They will have no problem overcoming a small child or a cat. This is why it is important to make sure it is well trained from puppyhood.

The Weimaraner is a naturally active dog and needs a lot of exercise. If you don’t provide them with this, they can become destructive and unruly. This is a very athletic dog, so they will need a lot of room to do what they do best – run around. The Weimaraner is a very powerful dog. They will have no problem overcoming a small child or a cat. This is why it is important to make sure it is well trained from puppyhood.

In modern times, the Weimaraner still has remarkable tracking abilities and is bred for hunting. It excels in dog sports such as agility and flyball and is incredibly athletic and intelligent.

Weimaraner dogs can weigh up to 80 pounds.

At the withers, males are between 25 and 27 inches tall. Their female counterparts are slightly smaller, standing between 23 and 25 inches tall.

In this article, we will discuss the nutritional requirements of the Weimaraner and the best dog food for this breed.

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What is the best dog food for Weimaraner dogs?

While other dogs may be satisfied with subpar food, Weimaraners have specific dietary requirements which must be carefully considered during their entire lives. A Weim’s energy level can cause it to do physically demanding actions for the duration of its short lifespan, including excessive exercise. 

This does not mean that owners should give up on exercising a Weim, however. When owners are prudent and caring towards their Weims – by taking them out for walks instead of letting them run around the house or keeping them hydrated, this will keep them healthy and happy without affecting their high-energy nature in a negative way, thus living an enjoyable and fun existence as they reach old age.

People who love dogs know that the Weimaraner is large but this breed of dog can thrive on large breed or small breed foods and special diet foods. When picking food for a dog like the Weimaraner, you should look at your pet’s weight, age, activity level and overall health because a Weimaraner’s needs depend on these factors. 

The National Research Council of the National Academies recommends an average adult Weimaraner weighing around 70 pounds should have a daily intake of 1688 calories. However, a more active dog may require 3751 calories depending on their level of energy. Puppies are classified as small breeds so they don’t need 1688 calories per day; 

young Weimeraners between the ages of 4 to 12 months only need 1233 calories per day. A dog who is older or less active may require 870 to 1135 calories daily. Feeding your pet the right amount of food helps keep them healthy and happy!

Allergies and sensitivities associated with Weimaraner food

Unfortunately, Weimaraners can suffer from various common allergies and their symptoms range from skin reactions to ear infections, so it’s important to know what you’re up against before making any decisions about how to treat your dog’s condition. 

Some foods may trigger an allergic reaction in dogs, and the most common culprits within the Weimaraner breed include: Common allergen that acts as a protein in foods such as corn or soy


Weimaraners who suffer from anxiety or separation issues can be predisposed to developing bloat. There is no dog food particular to this issue, but it’s best to consult with an independent pet nutritionist and tailor the quantity and ingredients of each meal according to what your specific Weimaraner needs. 

If money is an issue, you might want to try and get some samples or coupons for free or reduced cost food. You can find them online if you know where to look. Small, frequent meals that keep your Weimaraner from feeling hungry and/or nervous are ideal. Experts also suggest limiting activities before and after meals since exercise can make digestion more difficult for a lot of pups!

What is the best dog food for Weimaraners?

Recipes for the best dog food are often closely guarded secrets. There is just too much money involved on which many big companies break their teeth in their attempts to discover them. However, when it comes down to it all that really matters is what makes your Weimaraner happy and healthy. 

If you’re lucky enough to have been gifted a bag of dog food by friends who own a Weimaraner you might consider choosing dry dog food as opposed to canned if you can source bones or even meat within the ingredients list!

Though this advice may seem counter-productive given the propensity of dogs to hunt, it turns out that going the extra mile to source fresh meats and bones can be beneficial over time in helping your Weimaraner grow more quickly and consume fewer calories than if they ate chow alone.

Believe it or not, your Weimaraner will have a coat that shines with its health in no time when you’re using the best dog food for Weimaraners. This is just one of the many benefits of finding what your pup’s favorite meal is made out of. 

Natural dog foods are almost always free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Even if grain-free dog food comes with its own set of pros and cons, there are some absolutely incredible recipes out there today that would be great for your pooch if this happens to be their thing!

Let’s take a look at some of the best dog food for Weimaraner owners who prefer dry food.

Victor Ultra Pro 42

Victor Ultra Pro 42* is a grain-free food that provides plenty of protein and calories.

Victor Ultra Pro 42

Victor Ultra 42™ is packed full of nutrients and provides her tasty meals with a whopping 81% protein from poultry, meat, fish and so forth. 83% of the carbs in Victor Ultra 42 come from wholesome barley and succulent sweet potatoes which are natural sources of beta-carotene.

Victor Ultra 42 also contains several advanced supplementary ingredients that support your dog’s digestive system and immune system!

Merrick’s dry dog food

Merrick’s dry dog food* does not use grains or grain byproducts in its recipes, because dogs don’t have a nutritional requirement for carbohydrates. Instead, Merrick uses free-range chicken and fish to provide high-quality protein.

The packs contain fruit and vegetable powders made from locally sourced produce, so that you can feed your dog with premium nutrition that’s always fresh! Merrick is also the brand of choice for many vets throughout the country.

Merrick’s dry dog food

This dog food is made with 100% real, deboned chicken. It’s grain-free, so it contains no corn, wheat or soy. The quality protein and fiber found in this recipe supports your puppy’s healthy digestion, strong muscles and natural defenses for a long and happy life! We use sweet potatoes, peas and apples as well as healthy levels of Omega-3 and six fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat.

Diamond Naturals Dry Beef Meal and Rice

Diamond Naturals Dry Food consists of high quality ingredients, created with a reliable process in mind. Each ingredient is made from real ingredients derived from fresh vegetables and pasture-raised beef, and contains pea flour, pea protein and eggs which are the source of an array of proteins that are important for your dog’s vitality.

Diamond Naturals Dry Beef Meal and Rice

The Diamond Naturals range of dry dog food includes a recipe which is organic, omitting corn, wheat and soy as well as including superfoods to provide essential antioxidants. This natural food for dogs comes with added vitamins and minerals, along with fruits and vegetables, providing your Weimaraner with a healthier way to enjoy their daily meal. Being certified by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), this dry pet food also meets all nutritional requirements for adult dogs.

Canidae Grain-Free Pure Ridge Adult Dog Food

Canidae Grain-Free Adult Dog Food* is made using eight key ingredients suitable for dogs with food allergies or dietary restrictions. We eliminate all traces of pork, beef, chicken and fish from the dishes we prepare because your pooch may not be able to digest certain proteins efficiently.

Canidae Grain-Free Adult Dog Food*

We believe that fresh food is the best food. That’s why we use only the finest chicken in our dog food, and nothing else. You won’t find any fillers, grains or even vegetables in our dry kibble.

What is the best-wet dog food for Weimaraners?

The vast majority of veterinarians agree that wet food is much more nutritious than dry food for dogs; however, does it make good food for Weimaraners as well?

Wet food contains higher meat protein content as well as lower carbohydrates, no preservatives, and an elevated water content that is necessary for hydration. It is also a lot more appetizing for dogs due to all of the above.

Furthermore, wet food is easier for dogs to chew than dry food, so it is ideal for older dogs, dogs suffering from illness, or those with lost their appetite in general, since wet food appeals to them more than dry food.

The price of wet dog food, on the other hand, is higher than dry kibble. You should use wet dog food within one day after it has been opened to avoid spoilage. Owners often mix wet and dry dog food together for convenience. You should feed your Weimaraner both types of food so that they can thrive.

The following are some of the best canned dog foods available to Weimaraner owners.

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free High Protein

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free High Protein* is made in the USA and comes in a variety of flavors. Real meat from trusted sources is the most important ingredient in any delicious stew.

Grain-Free High Protein

Protein-rich, grain-free, and free of artificial colors, preservatives, dyes, or flavors, this whole food contains added vitamins, minerals, and superfoods to provide antioxidants.

Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free

This food from Wellness Core* is loaded with protein, and includes a lot of meat that is cooked using raw feeding philosophy, along with high quality carbohydrates that are perfect for an active Weimaraner.

Wellness Core

Obtain a balanced, healthy diet for your Weimaraner by feeding him this natural food, which is nutrient-dense and free of grains and animal by-products.

What is the best food for puppies of the Weimaraner breed?

To encourage more slow growth, you should feed your dog large breed puppy food when it comes to choosing the best food for your Weimaraner puppy.

The puppies of Weimaraner breed should be fed three times a day at the very least. Around 10 to 12 months of age, they should start transitioning to adult foods.

A few examples of the best dog food for puppies of the Weimaraner breed include:

Fromm’s Large Breed Puppy Gold formula

The first three ingredients in the Fromm’s Large Breed Puppy Gold formula* are duck, chicken meal and chicken. It contains no wheat, corn or soy.

Fromm’s Large Breed Puppy Gold formula

It contains moderate amounts of protein, fat, and calories in order to prevent puppies from developing too quickly. As well as salmon oil rich in DHA, which is important for brain and eye development, the supplement contains vitamin E.

It is recommended that Weimaraner puppies consume Fromm’s Large Breed Puppy Gold since they have a tendency to suffer from Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD) when they grow too rapidly.

Canidae All Life Stages

Canidae All Life Stages* is recommended and used by many Weimaraners breeders.

Canidae All Life Stages

The duck meal, rice, and lentils in this large breed puppy formula are perfect for Weimaraner puppies. As the puppy grows, duck meal offers relief from joint inflammation since it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

There are no corn, soy, wheat, fillers, antibiotics, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in the food, therefore its protein and fat content is low.

Overall, this is an excellent food to start your Weimaraner puppy eating.

What is the best food for senior Weimaraner dogs?

The lifespan of a Weimaraner is approximately 11 years.

Dogs living longer live on better diets, so it follows that their diets should also be better.

You should expect your Weimaraner to put on weight when he gets older and less active. You can reduce the amount of food that he consumes or encourage him to increase his exercise if he is able.

Protein, among other nutrients, may be less readily absorbed by aging dogs. As long as your Weimaraner’s kidneys are fine, you should choose a senior dog food that contains a high amount of protein.

Orijen Senior

Orijen Senior* provides plenty of quality proteins for aging Weimaraners, making it the best dog food brand for the breed.

Orijen Senior

A variety of wild-caught fish, free range eggs, turkey, and chicken are included in the menu.

You can help your aging pet maintain a healthy muscle tone by providing 80% of the protein from meat and fish.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are also found in the food, as is low-glycaemic and low in carbohydrates to not spike the blood sugar of your Weim.

Canidae Grain-Free Pure Senio

The Canidae Grain-Free Senior*’s primary ingredient is fresh chicken.

Canidae Grain-Free Pure Senio

9 key ingredients comprise this easy recipe, which is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs. A good diet for senior Weimaraner dogs makes digestion easier with whole foods.

The food is especially suited for older dogs as it offers all the nutrition that your Weimaraner requires, while at the same time keeping its delicious chicken flavor.

How To Choose The Best Dog Food for Weimaraner Dogs?

Weimaraner dogs of any age require high-quality dog food. So how should we choose the best food?

In this post, we examine exactly what makes them Weimaraners!

They make excellent companions, especially for families with active lifestyles, particularly since they are one of the most energetic and versatile breeds in the world today.

Dietary requirements for Weimaraners are different because of their high energy levels.

Each Weimaraner is an individual, so take this into consideration when choosing the best dog food for him. Don’t ever try to fit your dog’s nutrition into a generic meal plan. Your dog’s needs may differ from a different dog’s.

Protein, fats, and carbohydrates are the main nutrients needed by a Weimaraner. The foods that must be consumed should be natural and organic.

If you choose to switch the food for your Weimaraner to another brand or type, always be careful. Changes of this magnitude should only be made gradually.

For guidance on what to feed your Weimaraner, you may want to consult your veterinarian.

What is your relationship with a Weimaraner? How much dog food would you recommend for puppies of the Weimanarer breed? Leave us a comment in this section to let us know your thoughts.

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