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The Gray Weimaraner dog has a brownish gray coat color. The coat is of medium length, and it’s the only breed to have a double coat. The undercoat is soft, dense, and woolly while the outer guard hairs are hard and straight. The coat should be about 10 cm (3.93 inches) in length, with a texture that is fine at the front of the body but slightly coarser on the back and legs. Hair on the head forms a beard and eyebrows, and the tail is feathered. A distinctive feature of this breed is its long narrow head.



In Germany, the Weimaraner is descended from dogs used to hunt stags by means of bay rather than wolf-pack tactics like many other kinds of hounds. Wild boar, deer, fox and hare were also hunted by the Weimaraner around the estate of its origin in Thuringia.. The Weimaraner is also noted for having hunting instincts. Males average about 65 pounds (29 kg), while females are smaller at 55 pounds (25 kg). All Weims love to swim and they will retrieve on land and in the water. The name originated in Germany and means “fast hunter”.

Gray Weimaraner – The Gray Weimaraner comes with 3 sub coat color, We have the Gray,Silver Gray and Mouse Gray Weimaraner. Check our available puppies page for 8 weeks old Gray Weimaraner for sale.In Germany they are commonly called a “Weiße” (White) or “Blaue” (Blue) Weimaraner depending on the base coat color.


The U.S Kennel Club and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) both recognize the Silver Gray and Mouse Gray as separate colors of the same breed. These colors are not recognized in Germany or in the European Union, where only the base coat color counts, meaning that dogs with any combination of base colors are all registered and shown as gray weimaraners.

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Silver Gray Weimaraner

Silver Gray Weimaraner

The silver Weimaraner is perhaps the most popular and common when it comes to Weimaraner colors. With a stunning, silver coat that seems to shine like steel, the silver Weimaraner looks like velvet and turns the heads of everyone who sees him. He might be light gray or a bit darker in color than the other colors of the breed, but it’s undeniable that they look like show stoppers just like the rest of his counterparts. Although he might not be as rare as the black Weimaraner or as majestic as the black and tan, the silver Weimaraner is still loved by many for his extraordinary beauty.

The Silver Gray Weimaraner was first spotted at the end of the 19th century and is also known by other names such as Silver, Grey and Smoke. Unlike other colors, the silver gray Weimaraner has no black tint whatsoever and sports silver or gray fur with a white underbelly.

Available Silver Gray Weimaraner for sale

Available Puppies

Birth weight 1.04 lbs. Female

Silver Gray

Birth weight 1.04 lbs.    Female

Available Puppies

Birth weight 1.04 lbs. Male

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The Blue Weimaraner Puppy

Blue Weimaraner – The Blue Weimaraner is every bit as much a Weimaraner in temperament and behavior as are the Grays, but its coat appears as a diluted shade of black instead of a lightish brown.

The blue coat color is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner. If both parents are blue, there will never be another color puppy produced in the litter. Since the Blue Weimaraner can only be produced from two Blue Weimaraners, it is not rare. However, they are hard to find in the United States, because they were bred to be show dogs and have not historically been used for field work.

Available Blue Weimaraner For sale

Blue Weimaraner Puppy

Birth weight 1.04 lbs.            Female

Birth weight 1.04 lbs.            Male

Birth weight 1.04 lbs.            Female

Why Choose Dohman Weimaraners

Dohman Weimaraner – After more than 15 years of breeding DOHMAN Weimaraners I have become a specialist of Blue weimaraner.
The Blue weimaraner is completely different from the Gray weimaraner with respect to its physical and temperament characteristics. No two colors are the same, neither is their size. They are not just a different color, they are distinctly different in character and character only is what counts when breeding dogs.
A DOHMAN Blue Weimaraner was created by careful selection and mixing of bloodlines, to produce a dog with a clear mind and greater endurance; a dog that has more survival skills than other weimaraner breeds. The dog that we aim to breed is one that hunts with enthusiasm, self-confidence, elegant and noble bearing, high spirited, stable temperament and great stamina for long pursuit of game.