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Weimaraner Puppy For Sale. Are you looking for Show dog, Hunting, or a Wonderful baby? When you’re ready let me be your breeder of a great baby.If you are interested in adding a puppy to your heart, please call me to get your deposit in before they all find a home! These are going to go very quickly.  Planning litters now!

A Dog is for Life

Proper training is considered mandatory by trainers for the Weimaraner puppy, Due to its high energy and “take charge” attitude. Lots of exercise is part of the Weimaraner training, which should begin at a very young age. The training of the Weimaraner puppy begins with the mother Weimaraner. The general health, which refers to a good clean coat and clean kennel, has a lot to do with the trainability of the Weimaraner puppy itself.


you can ship your puppy from one state to another, but there are a few things you need to take into consideration. First, you need to make sure that the airline you’re using allows pets on board, and if so, what type of crate or carrier they require. Second, you need to make sure that your puppy is up-to-date on all of their vaccinations, and that you have the proper paperwork from your vet. Lastly, you’ll need to decide whether you want to ship your puppy as cargo or have them fly in the cabin with you. If you have any questions, be sure to contact the airline directly to get all the information you need.

as a general guideline, puppies should be at least 8 weeks old before being shipped. This will ensure that they are old enough to have received all of their vaccinations and to have been properly socialized.

Weimaraner Puppies For Sale In UK
Available Puppies Most Weimaraner puppies are strong and powerful, having a “slightly” stubborn streak, so becoming the alpha or top dog over the breed is essential. Early training is necessary, with Puppy Kindergarten the top of the list. When this little Weimaraner pup leaves home, its mom and siblings where its taught about life. From a canine point of view, those same lessons need to be taught in a similar manner, communicating appropriate dog behavior so his puppy mind will understand.
The first four to five months are the most important times in a puppy’s life, and when everything will be digested fully for future lessons. Positive and negative experiences, proper socialization, and valuable reinforcement all make the Weimaraner puppy into a true companion of value or a negative dog who will make everything around it miserable until the dog is removed from your home to either be put down in a shelter, placed in a rescue home, or go from foster home to foster home–until someone actually takes the time to train the Weimaraner puppy correctly.
Any positive behavior should be rewarded, and then that same behavior will repeat itself by the dog. Negative behavior has the same attributes–digging in trash cans, barking, digging, chewing Sunday’s best shoes up, etc. Rule number one is let the dog or puppy know who is boss. Rule number two is teach the dog or puppy in a way that can be best understood–not by the trainer but by the puppy itself.


Who We Are

We are a family owned and operated kennel.  We have 30+ years of experience raising and loving puppies.  We have raised ONLY Weimaraner puppies for over the past 20 years.

Our Kennel

We carefully select our Weimaraner breeding stock based on through health tests, hips and elbow evaluations, temperament, & conformation.  

Our Puppies

If there is certain puppies that you would like more pictures 
of just let me know the number of the Weimaraner puppy and I will be glad to e-mail more pictures for you.

Dohman Weimaraners

Beautiful Weimaraner Puppies For Sale

About Us

Dohman Weimaraners

Greetings and thanks your all for stopping by our page to either check for available Weimaraner Puppies or just to learn from our experience as Weimaraner breeders for over 30 years. Dohman Weimaraners Puppies have over the years been the number one of quality and healthy weimaraner dogs that are true to their breed.

Recently we have been facing some issues due to the covid-19 pandemic and and other family issues that has saw a decline in breeding Weimaraner puppies here at Dohman Weimaraners Kennel. Not to worry we have handle the situation professionally and we are as such please to announce to the general public that we are fully operational and we have available puppies ready to be rehomed to their forever home.You can check our facebook page for update,Our our pinterest account for beautiful updated pictures of our most recent litters.

Available Puppies

Weimaraner puppies for sale in california
Dohman Weimaraners
Weimaraner puppies for sale in california

We do have available puppies that are almost 8 weeks old, fully socialised and well trained, The bitchis AKC registered health checked with a low hip score 3/3=6. The sire who is AKC registered I imported from Belarus in 2019 and also has a low hip score of 2/2=4.He has an interesting pedigree with his father being CH Belarus, CH Lithunia and his Mother Champion of Belarus, BOB EUW ’17, CH EURASIA-2`18, CH-RKF, 2x Lithunian ChampionThe Annual Breed Average inbreeding coefficient for this breed is 7.5% puppies from this mating have a coefficient value of just 0.2%.

Dohman Weimaraners Home has vowed to only deliver the best and only the best weims that are fully family oriented and are 100% kids friendly ensuring they serve their purpose of bringing joy and love to their families. Our Weims are no doubt the best you can find within the usa and we mostly ship out to California(CA), Texas, as far as Oregon to name the few.

weimaraner puppies for sale

Fortunately, we currently have Weimaraner puppies for sale right now.This Spring/Summer, we are raising puppies, but they are mostly reserved,you will have to check our available puppy page to see which are available at the moment.For more details about what we will be doing in Autumn 2021, please contact us.

New In Puppy search Weimaraner breeders around the United States can be found here if you are looking to adopt a puppy for the first time.We’ll contact you if we believe there Weimaraner puppies For sale  available for your family. You can also leave us your contact information in the short form below.

cute weimaraner puppies

Dohman Weimaraners is a professional Family business link that concentrate on the breeding and raising of  Cute weimaraner puppies. Our weimaraners are very cute, loyal, and healthy. And we do have one of the most adorable weimaraner puppies for sale at very affordable rates. We have home delivery services across the region and you can contact us via email ([email protected] or phone (213) 375 4162.



Puppy Back Pack (Free With Puppy)

1. Two year written guarantee against genetic defects with option to extend it to 5 years, and ten days against illness. 
2. Puppy paper to register the puppy through AKC with limited registration..
3. A puppy that is microchipped for permanent identification of your puppy along with micro chip ID tag for collar.
4. Copy of parents 5 generation pedigree.
5. Champion bloodlines in all of my pups.
6. All of my males are OFA certified that are of age.
7. Puppy shots and worming’s are up to date including the 6 & 8 weeks shot with the next set of shots not due until 12 weeks of age. 
8. Weimaraner training book.
9.. If you have young children they get their own book. Farm Days, about ‘The Country Weimaraner that goes to the city’.
10. Blanket that can be personalized with puppy name if I know ahead of time so I can get it done.
11. Breeder that is A+ rated with the BBB.
12. A professional dog breeder that raises ONLY Weimaraner puppies with 30+ years experience that will stand behind her Weimaraner pups and welcome calls to answer questions for the life of your puppy.  
Weimaraner Puppies near me

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